Intel’s Shooting Star Drones Lights up the Skies at the Super Bowl Show

Intel’s Shooting Star Drones Lights up the Skies at the Super Bowl Show

Intel’s fleet of special drones, known as the Shooting Star was the hallmark of entertainment during last night’s half-time break of the Super Bowl.

The fleet is made up of 300 drones that can be programmed to fly in unison, making intricate and fast changing patterns in the process.

During lady Gaga’s performance at the break of the Super Bowl, fans were treated to a scintillating performance as the 300 drones flew over 700 miles up in the sky, forming intricate patterns.

At one point, the drones formed the US national flag pattern, before slowly dissolving in a seemingly fluid wave of movement to form a clear Intel logo up in the sky.

It appears that the performance of the drones was a demonstration of the effort that Intel had put into the process of creating the drones and the software program that drives them.

According to Josh Walden, who heads the New Technology Group at Intel, the performance was a result of intense preparation on the side of the creative team at the Super Bowl and the creativity of the Intel’s innovative drone technology.

‘Lady Gaga wanted to put up a truly memorable performance and we took it upon ourselves to provide this cutting-edge technology to help bring this dream into reality,’ he said.

Intel created the Shooting Star for entertainment purposes. The fleet of 300 drones is controlled by a highly sophisticated algorithm. The algorithm perfectly determines all the minute details about the flight path of every drone that makes up the fleet. Also, the computer program automatically maps out the specific positions of every drone when they are making up very sophisticated patterns up in the sky.

It has also been reported that the drones are controlled by a single pilot. The pilot, usually using a single computer, is able to play with the drones and ensure that they fly according to pre-determined paths to form intricate patterns, it has been established. A stand-by pilot is usually on hand to help ensure that the performance goes according to the plan, it has been further established. This may come as a surprise to many, given the complex nature of the drones and how they perform up in the sky.

Intel’s Shooting Star fleet has been used by other companies for entertainment purposes. However, its use at the Super Bowl has brought it to public prominence.