IS Message Appears on Ohio Websites

Hackers Plant Fake News about Putin and Trump on Hacked BBC and NYT Twitter Accounts

Multiple hacks of the government websites in Ohio were hacked, and that includes the site of Governor John Kasich himself as well. All of the hacked websites are displaying a pro-IS message.

The message stated that the new US President Donald Trump would be held accountable for any bloodshed and even every drop of blood that flows in Muslim countries. It also ended with the words “I love Islamic state”.

It was then discovered that the hacking group responsible for the attack calls itself Team System DZ.

After the attack, the website belonging to the Ohio governor was taken down for maintenance. After a while, it was returned online.

Additionally, the message displayed during the attack also had an Arabic symbol in it. It was written in black and white, and it also displayed the flag of the IS. Another part of the message from the governor’s website included an Islamic call to prayer.

The governor’s spokeswoman, Emmalee Kalmbach, has stated that Mr. Kasich’s team began handling the situation as soon as they were notified of it. She also said that the website, as well as the entire situation, will be monitored until everything was properly resolved.

The governor was not the only official who got his website affected, however. Several other high-ranking individuals found themselves in a similar situation, including those of the Ohio Department of Medicaid, as well as Ohio Office of Health Transformation. These websites also went down for analysis but were later returned online.

The website belonging to Karen Kasich, Ohio’s First Lady, as well as those that belong to Ohio Inspector General and Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections were also taken down. Their repairs took even longer than those of the rest of them.

The situation reached Twitter relatively quickly, and one of the tweets belonging to Josh Mandel, Ohio State Treasurer, stated that this means that radical Islam was infiltrating America.

According to The New York Post, another website that was affected belongs to the town of Brookhaven which belongs to the New York state.

Team System DZ, a hacking group that is suspected of being behind the attack, is known for conducting similar attacks in the past. A lot of these attacks carried anti-Israel messages.

These attacks came at a bad time for the US, especially since they are still trying to deal with the alleged hacking attacks made by Russian hackers. The attacks in question are the same ones that supposedly tried to influence the last year’s US presidential election.