It’s Official: iPhone X is the Most Breakable Apple Smartphone Ever (VIDEO)

iphone x most breakable ever

Even if it comes with a pretty hefty price tag, the iPhone X received the worst ever score for durability. According to an electronics insurance company, SquareTrade respectively, Apple’s latest high-end jewel of a smartphone is both the most expensive and most fragile ever.

If you’re the happy owner of an iPhone X, make sure you hold it tight, as it will most probably shatter the first time you drop it on a hard surface. SquareTrade made their claim after performing a series of scientific tests, drop tests that is, including letting the iPhone X to plunge back first/face down/on its side, you know the drill.

The tests were performed following Apple’s claims that their latest flagship is built using the most durable glass ever in a smartphone. Also, Apple will charge you (or the insurance company) no less than $549 for most repairs. Now you have to ask yourself,is it worth the risk?

The thing is, the iPhone X received a final breakability score of 90, which translates into a high risks of breaking/shattering. Besides being the most breakable iPhone, this is the highest priced/most expensive to repair gizmo ever released by Apple. Keep in mind that the most internal damage will be caused by a side drop. A face-drop will render your precious useless, as the screen will shatter and become unresponsive, while a back-drop will only shatter the back panel (which is made of glass, yes). The good news is that the iPhone X performed rather well in the dunk test, as it’s pretty much water-resistant.

Check out the video: