Lift Off for the Real Iron Man

The Real Iron Man in the audience, please stand up! No folks, this is not a joke, but the latest gizmo which arrived to us courtesy of a British inventor, Richard Browning.


Dubbed “The Real Iron Man”, Richard Browning basically brought to life the fictional character from the Iron Man series whilst changing the whole paradigm of warfare and who knows, maybe the course of humanity.

The British inventor has constructed a real life Iron Man suit, a piece of technology which was until now confined to comic books or to science fiction, proving once again that high technology is very close to magic.

The personal flying suit was showcased by the former Royal marine reserve at 2017’s TED Conference and it amazed delegates when the inventor lifted off from the ground at Vancouver Harbor¬†using his Iron Man suit. Needless to say, the British military is very interested on Richard Browning’s invention and the UK’s Ministry of Defense is said to having given up on the idea of flying soldiers until Richard Browning’s invention proved it totally feasible.

According to UK military officials, the Ministry of Defense is currently considering innovative technological solutions for its military forces as part of the $1 billion dollar scheme to “make UK’s Defense Great Again”.

The personal flying suit uses 6 miniaturized reactors/jet engines/thrusters or whatchamacallit which are securely attached to a strong exoskeleton at the arms and the back. You can take off vertically and move the arms for controlling your flight trajectory. There’s a display inside the helmet which provides you with updates regarding autonomy, i.e. fuel consumption.

Richard Browning’s startup company is called Gravity and he’s working currently on a commercial version of the Iron Man suit called Daedalus, an unfortunate name provided the sad history of the mythical Greek hero.

According to the British inventor, the personal flying suit is capable of flying pretty quick, reaching speeds of up to 200 miles per hour at an altitude reaching a couple thousand feet for approximately 10 minutes. Also, he insists his suit is very safe, even safer than a motorcycle.