LIST: Horrific Crimes Streamed On Social Media

Here’s a short list of the most heinous crimes that were published on social media lately(read Facebook):

The latest and one of the most disturbing is the recorded killing of a man walking across a street in Cleveland on Easter Sunday. The murderer’s name is Steve Stephens and he uploaded a video on Facebook of what it looks to be him approaching a man walking along Cleveland’s 93rd street, then shooting and killing the innocent victim. Here’s the killer bragging while on the run, with a massive manhunt underway on Monday morning.

Another live stream video was recorded back in 2016, showing the suspect firing multiple gunshots at an innocent bystander in Chicagoland. The video-footage was uploaded on Facebook and went viral one year ago, at the end of March 2016. The Chicago police used the incriminating video for investigating the incident, that was believed to be gang related.

Another instance when Facebook Live was used by a criminal to show to the world live footage of his gruesome crimes was the Antonio Perkins shootingThe 28 year old was streaming on Facebook Live when he got shot in another gang related violence incident. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene after being hit by a barrage of bullets.

Islamic terrorists also use Facebook and YouTube for making threats and bragging/recruiting for jihad, and this is the case with the French islamic terrorist Larossi Abballa who back in 2016 posted a video on Facebook with him abducting a couple and their toddler and using them as hostages. He also admitted in the respective video of stabbing a police officer, whilst pledging his allegiance to ISIS.

Another horrible case streamed via Facebook was the gang rape in Sweden, in January 2017. This time, the Swedish police managed to track down 3 muslim men who raped a Swedish woman while broadcasting their crime on Facebook Live.

And lastly, there’s the Valentine’s Day shooting in Chicagoland, and I am referring to the 2-year-old killed in Chicago , identified as Lavontay White JR whose death was streamed on Facebook Live by a woman. Another 26 year old male was also shot and killed in the incident as the suspect opened fire on car in Chicago.