London Mayor Draws another Controversial Plan in a Bid to Reduce London Air Pollution

London Mayor Draws another Controversial Plan in a Bid to Reduce London Air Pollution

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has drawn up a highly radical proposal that is meant to help reduce the level of air pollution in London by reducing the number of diesel-powered cars currently operating in the streets of the city.

In a series of highly controversial measures, the London mayor suggests that the government should consider giving up to £3,500 to drivers of diesel-powered cars as a way of helping them to get rid of their old cars.

The proposal further recommends that the government invests in a highly ambitious scheme of revising the car tax regimes in a bid to drastically cut the number of new diesel-powered cars that are being bought in the UK.

‘As much as we have been fighting to cut down air pollution in London, it is ironical that many of the new cars that are bought by Londoners are diesel-powered,’ the mayor said.

The proposal further argues that if the government successfully controls the number of diesel-powered cars that are on the London streets, it would have managed to control the high levels of air pollution in the city.

The multi-pronged approach to controlling air pollution in London that the report recommends augur well with the recent attempts by the government to fight air pollution in London.

In a recent address to parliament, the Prime Minister, Theresa May, said that the government has and will remain committed to changing the status of air pollution in London.

‘The government has in the past spent more than £2 billion in various programmes to help reduce the level of air pollution not only in London but also in other major cities in the country,’ she said.

The prime minister was referring to the recent government plans of incentivising bus owners to change from diesel-powered trucks to cleaner ones.

In the past, the government has been running various programs to help clean up the air in London.

These initiatives have come at a time when the government has made various pronouncements, indicating that the level of air pollution in London is reaching critical levels. In one instance, the government has asked London residents to avoid getting out unnecessarily as a way of keeping away from the effects of the pollution.

It has been estimated that air pollution in London, which is mainly caused by emissions from old cars using diesel, costs about £27 billion every year.