London Plastic Surgery Clinic is Being Extorted by the Cybercriminal Group The Dark Overlord

London Plastic Surgery Clinic is Being Extorted by the Cybercriminal Group The Dark Overlord

Hackers claim they have ‘everything’ from the clinic’s attendants which includes celebrities and even royal families.

The cybercriminal group, known as The Dark Overlord, has threatened the London clinic to leak a bunch of very graphic photos that were taken by patients during plastic surgeries and other operations.

The group “The Dark Overlord” abbreviated TDO, hacked into the London plastic surgery clinic’s database and managed to get a hold of extremely personal photos, which includes photos of in-situ genitalia and breast operations.

Although the group of cybercriminals have claimed to have information and photos of celebrities and royal families, they have not released any further details on who this celebrities and families are. However, this claims should not be taken as a bluff since TDO is known to have attacked medical centers, schools and many organizations in order to blackmail victims.

The hackers have apparently shared some of the stolen data in dark websites, which according to the group’s representative include “Databases, names, everything,” in addition, they have taken responsibility for this act and have said to have data from royal families, terabytes of information about these.

The data theft and the hack was confirmed by the clinic which goes by the name of London Bridge Plastic Surgery (LBPS), it is currently unknown why they chose this clinic other than profit. The stolen bunch of data include databases, names, as well as images of operations both post-operation and in-progress.

The Dark Overlord representatives have declared in an interview with The Daily Beast, “The world has never seen a medical dump of a plastic surgery clinic to such degree,” and claiming to have an “entire list of patients with their corresponding images,” should they release them, the LBPS clinic’s reputation would be greatly harmed.

The LBPS clinic has not yet declared if the group of cybercriminals have requested a fee or demanded any ransom. However, the TDO group has been known to extort other organizations and sell stolen data on the dark web, their most famous including a hack to Netflix’s network and leaking several unaired episodes, hacking into a Los Angeles bank of investment, and stealing sensitive information from an entire school district in the United States, including addresses, past and current students’ medical records, and names, as well as shutting it down for three days.

The data theft was communicated to the authorities on October, 17. This was further confirmed by a representative of the Metropolitan Police service who declared they were alerted about the data theft and breach of security on that day, he also declared that Detectives and functionaries from the Metropolitan Organized Crime Command are already doing investigations, they have not found any suspects however.