Lonely? Kissenger Smartphone Device Simulates Long-Distance Kiss

Henry Kissinger Approves of This Gadget


Even if it may sound like a joke to you, there’s a brand new device in the works out there in the wild, namely the Kissenger. This gadget is not related in any way, shape of form to the ex-Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, being actually a very interesting concept which makes remote kissing  possible.

The Kissenger works like a smartphone add-on or something along these lines (like a Moto Mod of sorts if you know what I mean) but it’s a bit early to get excited about it as it’s still in its prototype phase.

The concept behind this weird yet revolutionary gadget is that long distance relationships can be saved/maintained or whatever by mimicking a kiss via your smartphone. Or at least that’s the common wisdom nowadays apparently.

The Kissenger is the brain child of a doctoral student, Emma Yann Zhang respectively who studies at the Imagineering Institute and she was quoted as saying:

“It’s a device where you can plug into your phone, and it has an array of force sensors and actuators inside the device that can measure your lip pressure,”


The Kissenger is made using a 3D printer and it comes with its own holster for your smartphone, together with a silicon pad. When engaged in remote kissing, the partners can see each other via Internet on Skype or Facebook, whilst feeling the lip pressure transmitted by his/her’s Kissenger device in real time.

The gadget is built using a material which resembles human skin, i.e. a flexible and soft silicon. Emma developed a working prototype of the Kissenger together with an iPhone app for her PhD at City University London helped by professor Adrian David Cheok.

Emma Zhang said that physical touch is very important with regard to human relations and the Kissenger is aimed at making online communication more intimate, as currently we can see/hear each other over the internet, yet we can’t touch each other. And that’s going to be remedied apparently, hence in the shortest amount of time possible, leaving the house for kissing and who knows what with your significant other will no longer be mandatory, right?

I am kidding for now, but then again, the brave new world may render us obsolete, check out Emma’s “last words” :

“The next version we’re looking at building a kissing robot. It’s going to be a humanoid robot head, but with interactive lips.”


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