Look Out For Your CCTV, Hackers Can Hack It

Security cameras

There were times when websites and emails were hacked but now, official security surveillance cameras are hacked. The government of Dubai has an anti-cybercrime department, which has been catching people who installed ‘hack able’ CCTV cameras and ruined the privacy of the owners of those cameras.

The assistant commander-in-chief of the Dubai Police, Major-General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansourl have said that the cyber police of Dubai do not need to wait for citizens to complain about this security issue and they are already on a look out for any such security hack. They have found many different cases of hacking of CCTVs of companies & normal people, in most of the cases; the fault was the unprofessional installer. The foolish installers did not follow all the security fundamentals while setting up the cameras and it gave easy access to the cameras to the hackers.

Many people lost their privacy because of their inexperience in operating the security cameras.

The security departments are watching out for suspicious websites that may hack and broadcast these surveillance cameras’ videos on the internet.

The hackers use specific complex programmers to manipulate these cameras and broadcast its live footage online. They can even threaten the owners of the cameras in order to extort money or get revenge.

To avoid this problem in the first place, you should only get security cameras installed from the specialists only. Most people tend to trust their friends or any person from the street but it can be extremely dangerous. The assured companies, which install these cameras, make sure that your login identification details are unique enough that any hacker cannot breach it.

The live streaming of personal houses and companies are found on the internet, while most of them are suspected to be illegal. The hackers are very clever so to avoid any danger, they operate these live streams from other countries.

Major-General Al Mansouri told the public to stay on alert and said that many people stay free in front of their security cameras because they are unaware of the fact that they could be on a live streaming right now. He also cleared that the police is doing its best and taking careful steps in order to put a hold on these inappropriate crimes.

We have prepared a guide for those people who want to stay secure under the eye of their surveillance camera without the risk of hacking.

How to keep cameras hacker-free

  1. Buy the cameras only from certified companies.
  2. Watch tutorials and learn how to use these cameras in a proper way.
  3. Always change the user id and password when you activate the camera otherwise it can be hacked easily.
  4. Never situate cameras in privacy oriented areas like bathroom and bedroom.
  5. Keep the software of the camera updated to maintain the security.