Make $300,000 Per Year By Taking Down Hackers Of Russia

Thai Government Suffers another Hacking Attack from Anonymous

The cyber attacks are getting frequent every day and these attacks cause’ major losses to big companies and even countries. This worldwide threat of being ‘hacked’ is becoming common as well. Therefore, all the nations and big companies are promoting white-hat hackers. White-hat hackers are those hackers who find out the black-hat hackers and hunt them. There are dozens of jobs available for such hackers but there is no one qualified enough for them.

Dr. Jared DeMott, a former NSA and now the associate professor of the cyber security department of Dakota State University puts up an argument. Mr DeMott also founded VDA Labs which is a cyber security company.  VDA is the abbreviation of Vulnerability Discovery and Analysis.

Dr. DeMott works with Synack on a contractual basis, he is one of the best cyber experts and has a great amount of experience in his field. Synack hires good white-hat hackers to find out the bad black-hat hackers. They also help in enhancing the security of the company.

The co-founder of Synack, Mark Kuhr says that his business is running extremely well. Healso said that everything could be hacked. He added that there is an infinite requirement of good quality service providers in the industry.

Kuhr said that his company focuses on using the full potential of freelance hackers. However, not every hacker gets such golden opportunity and they first have to go through a five-step extreme vetting process which puts their skills through a test.

People from India, Northern Europe, Argentina and more than 40 other countries contact this company to help them. There are only a few American clients that use the services of Synack.

He told his business secret too, he said that you cannot beat a hacker from Russia without having one in your own team. He said that because of his diversity he can get the luxury of having a Russian hacker in his elite group.

Getting a place in the team of Mark Kuhr is the dream of thousands of hackers. The pay of each team members starts from $40,000 and can increase up to $240,000 per year! We can say that one can easily live off a good lavish life by being part of this team.

After all, you can earn money in every field even if it is very low paying. It is not necessary for you to choose the path of crime or black-hat hacking in order to achieve your dreams, you can earn that much by catching the bad ones. The best white-hat hacker has admitted of earning a whopping $300,000 just by doing part-time hacking. DeMott says that there is too much work to be done and so there are an equal number of opportunities waiting to be used.