Mall Billboard Got Hijacked by Some Very Polite Hackers

Mall Billboard Got Hijacked by Some Very Polite Hackers

If you find an unsecured network, and you decide to make it your goal to demonstrate just how unsecured it really is, then the best way to do so is to leave a gigantic message on the electronic billboard. At least that’s what certain hackers came to believe and later do. A big screen at the famous Liverpool One shopping center was hacked by the hackers, and the note that advises the owners to improve the security could be seen on it during the weekend.

The message was signed by the ‘friendly neighborhood hackers’, and the photo of it was uploaded to Reddit this Sunday. The photo, or the content of it, is still not officially confirmed. However, it is known that a certain person that remains unidentified for now has declined to explain the photo or give any sort of comment, despite the calls to Liverpool One.

The statement so far is that nothing else will be released and that the marketing department is currently in charge of the incident. If Liverpool One decides to publish an official statement, we will know more and will update the piece.

What is known so far is that the reversed image search on services like TinEye and Google didn’t give any important results. That means that the photo is relatively new, and perhaps genuine. Also, Liverpool One is listed as one of the customers of the Elonex website, which is the company that allegedly produced the billboard from the image.

Merseyside Police has given a comment, and they claim that they weren’t informed of any similar incident during the weekend. The message itself included the following:

“we suggest you improve your security. sincerely, your friendly neighbourhood hackers #JFT96”

The hashtag #JFT96 was noticed as a particular detail. It’s now suspected that it is a reference to the catastrophe that happened in the Liverpool football game from 1989 when up to 96 people lost their lives in a disaster.

This isn’t the incident that involves hacking of the billboard. Similar hack has happened before, in 2015. In that particular case, a billboard in Atlanta was hacked, and hackers have decided to post an infamous meme called Goatse during that attack. Luckily, this time, hackers turned out to be much friendlier than those responsible for the previous hack, and they simply left a polite message that’s been pointing out the security flaws for the entire weekend.