Maserati Issues Massive Recalls amidst In-car Fire Fears

Maserati Issues Massive Recalls amidst In-car Fire Fears

Luxury car maker, Maserati, has been forced to issue massive recalls for its cars following growing fears that two types of errors in the functioning of the cars may cause fires, it has been reported.

The company is now asking its customers who purchased the Ghibli sedans as well as the 2017 Levante sedan to return the cars as a safety measure.

The firs recall is expected to affect about 40,000 customers who purchased the cars.

The recall has been triggered by the findings of a safety report on the model by the NHTSA. According to the NHTSA report, the Maserati cars have a fault in the configuration of wiring features under the front seat.

The report further points out that the misconfiguration of the wiring harness under the front seat of the car is a cause for concern since it can easily short circuit when one is operating the car. It has further been pointed out that the fault can affect the manner in which the front seat of the car is working. However, the danger of the fault causing a short circuit with the ground and eventually causing a fire inside the car is what has triggered the large-scale recall by the company, it has been reported.

In the second instance, the car maker is asking its customers who bought the Quattroporte and Ghibli sedans between 2014 and 2015 to return the cars as a safety measure. It has been reported that this second recall may affect about 10,000 customers who now own the cars.

The second recall is said to have been triggered by the realisation that the fuel lines of the cars may leak fuel when the car is in motion, thus creating a dangerous scenario for a fire to occur inside the car.

An internal report to pinpoint the damage squarely blames the supplier for not carrying out extensive tests on the fuel supply components of the new car. The report further adds that the supplier of the components failed to take all due care to address the issues, thus putting the lives of millions of Maserati customers in danger.

Customers are advised to take their cars to licensed Maserati dealers. The company says that the dealers will fix the problem for the customers free of charge. This second recall, just like the first one, is expected to be conducted throughout the month of February.