Mercedes Benz Targets World’s Wealthy with its First-Ever Luxury Pickup

mercedes benz x-class

Mercedes Benz is well known for its beautiful, luxurious and highly priced limousines, but today we just got word that the German based automotive giant is seeking to thrill wealthy rednecks too. I am only kidding, but Mercedes Benz is not, as the company announced its first ever luxury pickup truck to become available starting from November the current year.

Obviously, luxury pickup trucks are basically useless in an urban environment, hence the redneck analogy. The new Mercedes Benz high-end truck will boast leather seats, luxurious oak trim, an open bed hauler and, for the sporty beast in you, excellent handling. However, what’s rather strange about the new X-Class is its availability. Redneck or not, if you’re from North America, you’ll just have to wait, as the X-Class (priced at $43,200 in Germany) will hit dealerships starting from November, but check this out: not in the USA.

The new Mercedes Benz X-Class will become available in Germany first, obviously, then in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand next year. Latin America will follow in 2019, but it seems like “zee Germans” are not planning to sell their car to North America based upscale buyers anytime soon.

Mercedes Benz X-Class

The luxury truck will be available in three engine options initially, 2 diesel powered and a gasoline one. The (fourth) top-notch V6 diesel will become an option starting with mid-2018. It appears that the new X-Class is targeting the mid sized pickup segment, the wealthy customers that is, who are into sailing and quad biking. And interestingly enough, Mercedes Benz chose to steer clear from the highly competitive North American market, which incidentally is the best place to sell pickups, as American companies are dominating the utilitarian niche, the likes of Ford which asks $27,000 and some change for its F-150.

It would be interesting to note that even in the US, luxury pickups failed to impress the general public, at least in terms of sales figures. Let’s remember the Lincoln Blackwood and the Cadillac Escalade EXT which both failed to take off. The brand-new X-Class was developed by the German company in cooperation with Renault-Nissan.