Mexico Banned Roku After its Fight with the Largest Cable Provider

Mexico Banned Roku After its Fight with the Largest Cable Provider

After a pretty serious, as well as massive legal showdown with Mexico’s largest television network, Roku got banned and had to retreat.

Mexico’s biggest cable provider, called Cablevision, has asked that Roku devices stop their sales. They did so because they allegedly found out that hackers are using Roku for offering pirated content.

They claim that content from channels like ESPN and HBO, as well as other subscription-based channels, are being pirated. This means that this kind of content is illegally used which cannot be allowed.

Not only that, but they also demanded that Roku pays more attention to what is being done with their software.

Now, for those who don’t know, Roku is a digital media player. It allows streaming content from certain online services like Hulu, Amazon Video, or Netflix. With Roku, this content can go from the internet, straight to your Smart TV.

Making Roku channel is not that difficult, and one simple Google search is all you need to get all the information you require. Still, these private channels can’t exactly be controlled, even though Roku bans uploading copyrighted materials.

Pirates have become very skilled at bypassing restrictions and finding alternative ways to do what they want to do. They are known for making private channels that a regular search won’t uncover. After that, selling access to that channel via some other service is not only easy, but it can pay off as well.

The same legal threats were hanging over Kodi’s head, which is one of Roku’s biggest competitors. It would seem that a lot of these streaming services are under attack recently, especially Kodi and Roku. For example, the EU court decided in may that using these services wouldn’t differ of actually downloading the copy of a pirated content.

On the other hand, Dish Network sued two third-party streaming apps, Phoenix and ZemTV.

And as for the Cablevision, their first request is to stop importing and selling Roku’s devices. Mexico allowed this, but Roku managed to suspend that order. Unfortunately, the court decision was to return the ban, and it was brought on Wednesday.

So, Roku got a ban, and the stores in Mexico cannot sell its devices anymore. You can still get them online, though. Simply use Best Buy or Amazon, and you should have no issues ordering it. Also, Roku stated that their plan is to keep fighting this ban.