Michael Wolff’s New Book Fire and Fury Leaked Online

Michael Wolff’s New Book Fire and Fury Leaked Online

The book is a tell-all about Donald Trump who has denied everything inside of it.

Michael Wolff has become sort of an overnight sensation in the US thanks to the release of his tell-all book on Donald Trump. The book entitled Fire and Fury has caused sort of a political storm for Trump who has been forced to defend himself. The boom was released last Friday and thanks to the publicity, quickly shot up to the Amazon bestseller’s list.

However, having garnered so much attention, the book was bound to leak somewhere. And it’s our whistle-blowing website, Wikileaks which did the job. The website tweeted a link on their social media account to the book, for everyone to read. The tweet which contained a Google Drive link read, New Trump book Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff. Full PDF. The account then deleted the initial tweet and decided to clarify further on that they were not responsible for the leak.

It’s unclear as yet, as to why the whistle-blowing website tweeted the link to the full text of the book. However, they might have broken some full copyright laws with the tweet because they shared without permission and they will clearly hurt sales of the book.

The book was written by Michael Wolff who said that he had undertaken close to 200 interviews with some key staffers in the Trump White House. In one of the interesting anecdotes of the book, Wolff quoted former chief strategist for Trump and the White House, Steve Bannon. In one of his quotes, Wolff wrote that Bannon said the 2016 Trump Tower meeting between Don Jr, the Presidents son, and a Russian lawyer, was nothing short of treasonous. Bannon goes on to say that they will crack Don Jr on national television. It is also reported that he called Trumps daughter, Ivanka Trump, dumb as a brick.

Trump responding to the book and Bannon’s comments, said that the book’s author was a total loser. He continued by saying that Wolff was only making up stories and then went after Bannon. He called Bannon, Sloppy Steve, and said that after he lost his job at the White House, Bannon had lost his mind too.

Bannon later replied to the comments and the book by claiming that Don Jr was a patriot and a good man. He also noted that he should have at least replied earlier to the comments in the book, and he regretted it. The book has also gone a step further in accusing Donald Trump of being mentally unstable to be the President of the United States. Trump also felt the need to reply to those comments by responding on Twitter that he was not only stable but a stable genius. He also added that he was like really smart.

As for whether Wikileaks did infringe copyright laws, Renato Mariotti, the former federal prosecutor, said the tweet did violate copyright laws. Tweeting in response to the link by Wikileaks, he noted that it was not the first time that the whistleblowing website had been involved in breaking the law anyway.