Microsoft Set to Launch its Custom Speech Service in a Bid to Bolster its Position in AI Field

Microsoft Set to Launch its Custom Speech Service in a Bid to Bolster its Position in AI Field

Microsoft is set to launch a new product called Custom Speech Service in a bid to bolster its position in the highly promising but very competitive AI market, it has been indicated.

According to reports, the Microsoft Artificial Intelligence and Research Group, the AI division of the firm, is set to launch the product later this week.

‘We have been working on a number of exciting products for some time now and the unveiling of the Microsoft Speech Service will be a key moment for developers and everyone else working in the AI field,’ Irving Kwong, the group programs manager is reported to have said.

The Custom Speech Service is a new product that developers can use to customise the language that they upload on the apps that they develop.

Currently, observers point out that the product can be used in various ways, the most common ones including customising the language that developers use to create their games as well as enhancing the quality of services that individuals get when they are using any of the various Microsoft products.

According to Kwong, Custom Speech Service helps developers to accurately control all the aspects of their apps.

He points out that at times, developers of games have a hard time when they attempt to upload some non-English words to the plot of their games.

However, the new product solves the problem since it can be used to accurately analyse new terms and change them in such a manner that developers can successfully and easily upload the new terms to their games.

Furthermore, it has been reported that Apple seeks to let developers use the new product to enhance the overall experience and feel in their apps. The ability of the new feature to change speech to text, analyse the content in the new form before converting it back to the original form makes it one of the most important tools for developers in the current times.

Microsoft has been devoting a considerable amount of its resources to the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Observers point out that the goal of the company is twofold: to beat the likes of Amazon and Goole who are also investing in developing various AI products and to use its AI research findings to improve its various products. Already, the AI division of the firm is working on how it can improve the manner in which Bing, the Microsoft search engine, works, with a view of making it one of the best search engines on the market.