Microsoft Wants an International NGO to Catch Hackers- Experts

Bug in Microsoft Browsers Could be Used to Hijack Your PC, Google Experts Claim

All of us are aware of the increase in cyber attacks. Microsoft, the maker of Windows, is trying to unmask the anonymous hackers with the help of independent experts.

A report by Rand Corporation stated that the NGO will probe all the cyber attacks and viruses then publish them, the identifications of its users will become easy to achieve.

Paul Nicholas, the director of Microsoft’s Global Security Strategy, stated in a cyber conference in Tallinn last week that it was something that they do not have today, a trustable international organization for cyber-monitoring. 

Mr. Nicholas also said that as technologies are spread worldwide, it becomes grueling when there are various types of dangerous international attacks taking place. He also said that the chief doers watch one another and understand who did what, but nobody confirms.

The software giant Microsoft came up with the concept of a cyber attack security NGO last year in June. It was shown in a report regarding the acquiring of top notch quality on the security of the cyber space.

There is a report prepared by the Rand commissioned of the Microsoft, which analyses a lot of major cyber attacks.

The report covers the following cyber attacks:

  • Attack on Ukraine’s electricity production plant
  • The virus that attacked a nuclear facility in Iran, called Stuxnet
  • The WannaCry ransomeware, which stole many secret documents from sensitive offices.

The report states that because there are no reputable proper methods to stop crimes in the cyberspace, there is a high risk of a well planned crime to occur that can scare the global peace treaty and the international economy.

They wanted to make an NGO that brings independent experts (freelancers) and other computer scientists that can be confined within the policies to hide the real ways of working of those hackers.

The experts at Rand suggested International Philanthropic Organizations, Multi-national computer firms, IT firms and United Nations invest for the consortium.

Cycon stated that tracking and hunting experienced hackers is a herculean task or to do so.

Sandro Gaycken the director & founder of the Digital Society Institute situated in Berlin told AFP in Tallinn that there are different methods to revamp an attack so that 97 percent of the digital traces lead to someone other than the door. Criminals will not mind looking like nations in order to fulfill their demands, similarly, nations will not hesitate to have a criminal reputation too.

He added that it was very easy for someone to make his or her attack look as if it is coming from any other nation like North Korea.

Hackers can easily conceal their traces just by doing a simple copy paste job. Most of the hackers use the famous Trojan virus to do so.