Millions Of Americans say that FCC Needs to Protect the Open Internet

Millions Of Americans say that FCC Needs to Protect the Open Internet

Since the beginning of the internet, there was one simple principle that held it together and allowed such fast development. That was the fact that all of its traffic should be treated equally, no matter of the content in question.

And, as we know, this was mostly respected, which allowed the web to change our lives, as well as grant us many new abilities. It changed the way that we live, view the world, the way we do business, communicates, and so much more.

Thanks to this principle, today’s biggest companies were developed, universities and schools were able to open up and share knowledge. Much more was brought to an average person, all thanks to the fact that all traffic was allowed. But now, the things are changing, and not for the better.

Thanks to the newest decision by Ajit Pai, new FCC Chairman, net neutrality protections might soon be a thing of the past. If this decision is passed, any ISP in the US will be free to block or allow whatever they see fit.

As you might expect, the ability to access online content is a very popular idea, and so are the net neutrality rules. The majority of Americans have agreed on this, according to the Civis Analytics’ recent poll.

In fact, this is such a popular and necessary concept, that over 77% of the population agreed that needs to stay, regardless of their gender, education level, race, or by any other criteria. This belief even united Republicans and Democrats, which says a lot by itself.

The open and free internet is something that everyone needs, and something that everyone wants. After millions of Americans supported the FCC in 2015, the current net neutrality rules were enacted. Thanks to them, ISPs don’t have the authority to throttle or block your internet traffic, which includes every website online.

The rules have treated everyone decently, and ISPs did not have to change their way of work, while the internet users got what they wanted. Many believe that those rules are the only thing that is keeping the internet as it is, and as everyone loves it.

However, the internet is now in danger. If Pai’s new decision modifies it, there is no telling what the users might end up with. Internet freedom will be lost, and cable companies would be pulling all the shots. A lot of jobs depend on the internet freedom, and all of it will go to waste if net neutrality is lost.

Letters of support to the current rules have already coming in by thousands, with 1,000+ arriving only from startups from all around the nation. Economic growth and innovation are at stake here, and it would seem that the people understand this. Over 90% of them agrees that things must not change.

This is not the first time that the internet is in such danger. As recent as in 2012, AT&T attempted to block FaceTime for mobile users. And even before that, this provider, along with two others – Verizon and Sprint – decided to block Google Wallet. This was only done because their own mobile payment service has felt threatened by it. It is obvious that without net neutrality, a lot of censorship like this would come, and there would be nothing to stop it.

On Wednesday, the Americans will unite and stand against this new decision, in what is already known as Day of Action. There are many debates around what is best, arguments why the internet should stay as it is, but one thing is perfectly clear, and that is that the voice of the people wants their net neutrality to remain.