More Tesla Gigafactories are Coming to the US: Elon Musk

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After the first Tesla’s Supercharger station with 40 stalls has been built between Los Angeles and San Francisco, and the rumors of the second one rising up somewhere outside of Oslo, the newest addition to the Supercharger family is planned to be built on the road between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

In addition to this, it has been revealed that Tesla and CEO Elon Musk have been talking about the possible build of the new Gigafactories in the future. The exact locations of the factories are to be announced by the end of the year.

The Los Angeles-Las Vegas route is highly popular when it comes to Superchargers. There are several of them covering the grounds in question, with the biggest one to date being the one in Barstow, with its 18 stalls. Unfortunately, the stations are more often than not completely occupied, the peak time is during the holidays where more than one lines form at the spot.

With the original plan being to build another 18-stall station near Barstow in order to solve the problem with the jam, Tesla changed their mind and decided to think bigger with the 40-stall station. Its location is to be set in Baker, which is approximately halfway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Tesla has issued a new construction permit application with the San Bernardino County, in which it is confirmed that there are supposed to be 40 Superchargers built on the location. This seems to be the standard for the new type of station with lounge and solar canopies.

Also revealed on the permit is Tesla’s intention to install 4 solar canopies over the Supercharger stalls. However, it is unclear if it will also possess a “Supercharger lounge”, following the footsteps of the first Supercharger between Los Angeles and San Francisco that we previously reported on.

The Supercharger station-to-be is located at a gas station/truck stop hybrid so it is possible that Tesla is going to turn the building into facilities for customers.

With no restaurants or pretty much anything around the location, it is safe to assume that Tesla will contribute its own accommodations, which is different than the Supercharger set between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

What is interesting is the fact that Baker is also the location of EVgo and ABB’s first planned public station with their new 350 kW ultra-fast charging technology.

With a goal to have 10,000 Superchargers all over the world by the end of 2017, Tesla is slowly on its way to achieving it with just now reaching 900 Supercharger stations with 6,000 Supercharger stalls. 40-stall stations are of great importance to speeding the process and reaching the goal. Many of them are expected to be seen very soon. The majority is to be built in California since it’s where Tesla will see its fleet have the biggest increase by the end of 2017 thanks to the arrival of the Model 3. Over 150 Superchargers are in making in the state already.

As far as the Tesla Gigafactories go, it is announced that 2 or 3 should surface in the US within the next few years, according to Elon Musk.

The announcement was made in front of the governors who were interested in bringing the said factories in their own state. The main reason for this, as Musk explained, is that Gigafactories are able to provide as much as 10,000 jobs per factory, using the Gigafactory 1 located in Nevada as the example.

Musk also explained that the next Gigafactories planned for the future build in the next few years will be started before the first, original Gigafactory is complete.

According to the aerial shot of the plant, it would seem the structure is around 30 percent completed. The activity is now heightened since the Model 3 production started. battery pack and powertrain is produced there and then shipped to be assembled into cars in the Tesla’s Fremont factory.

Another interesting fact that was revealed is that future Gigafactories are planning on producing both the batteries and the entire vehicles, which leads us to believe that the future factories will be even bigger and greater. Tesla has been promising announcements for those new factories by the end of the year.