More than 80% of IoT Devices Insecure: Study

More than 80% of IoT Devices Insecure

A recently conducted study shows that more than 80% of all Internet of Things devices that are currently in operation are insecure.

According to the findings of the ‘2017 study on mobile and IoT application security,’ which was conducted by Ponemon Institute, also showed that the majority of the apps that run on IoT devices are not tested for vulnerabilities before they are made available to users.

But the findings of the study are not new at all, going by the observations that security experts have been making over time.

According to Mandeep Khetra, the Chief Marketing Officer at Arxan Technologies, the findings of the study correspond to what experts in the industry have been pointing out for a long time now.

‘Nothing is surprising about the findings, given that experts have repeatedly been warning of the many vulnerabilities that we are exposed to every time we use the IoT devices,’ he said.

However, he added that the most surprising thing about the findings of the study is that whereas many people who were interviewed as part of the survey indicated that they fear getting hacked one day, most of them remain adamant when it comes to taking active measures to prevent it from happening.

The findings of the study showed that many people who are aware of the dangers that they face when they use IoT devices are not doing anything to protect their devices from hackers.

‘One way of explaining this phenomenon is considering that IoT devices are still new and that people have a long way to go when it comes to learning how to use them safely,’ he added.

But other observers have pointed out that many people fail to take charge of their security when they are using IoT devices because they lack the knowledge and resources needed to secure their devices.

According to Brad Bruise, Director of Project Management at StealthBits, a technology firm, many people are not aware of the many security solutions that they can use to secure their devices and prevent the many risks that they fear from occurring,’ he said.

It has also been pointed out that the many security flaws that are present in IoT devices and apps are as a result of the manner in which manufacturers rush to get new products to the market without taking due diligence. As long as new IoT devices are increasingly getting used by companies and individuals, there seems to be a great need for individuals and companies to address the issue of the vulnerabilities that these devices and apps have.