Netflix Engineers Develop the Muse headband that users can use to control its interface

Netflix Engineers Develop the Muse headband that users can use to control its interface

Netflix engineers have developed a revolutionary piece of technology they call the Muse headband that users can use to remotely control the Netflix interface, it has been reported.

News of the new headband was revealed during the Netflix Hack Day, an event dedicated to the development of revolutionary products that Netflix believes will help it maintain its position as a leader in the entertainment streaming market.

The new piece of device works by allowing users to have a remote control over the Netflix interface when watching movies.

Netflix has released a heavily edited video that is supposed to showcase how the new device is supposed to be used.

In the video, a seemingly lazy Netflix user is seen wearing a small black headband while seated on the couch watching his favourite shows on Netflix.

It appears that the guy in the video has misplaced his remote control gadget and that he is not willing to get off the couch and go looking for the gadget.

The guy then puts on the small contraption on his head and stares at the Netflix screen on his device.

Interestingly, the guy is able to control the Netflix user interface by moving his eyes across the screen. Apparently, the guy is able to gain control over the screen in a manner similar to what an ordinary user using a remote control gadget can control the user interface.

The guy can flip through the various shows that he is interested in, preview some shows and select what he wants to watch, all the time while using his eyes with the black band on around his head.

According to Netflix, the essence of the headband is that it can read the brain of a user and help the user to do a number of things in real time.

‘The headband is a perfect replacement of chips – we cannot afford to have chips implanted in our brains for us to control our Netflix user interface,’ the company explains in the short video.

It is not clear what the reception of the new device shall be when Netflix finally introduces it to the market. However, given that there are already similar gadgets under development, it will be important for Netflix to ensure that its gadget works seamlessly. In the short video in which the device is introduced, it is not clear how seamless users can access and navigate the Netflix user interface while using the device.