New Bug Compromises the Security of Photos Stored on Windows 10 Phones

New Bug Compromises the Security of Photos Stored on Windows 10 Phones

A new bug can compromise the security of the photos stored on Windows 10 phones, exposing the phones to the public, it has been reported.

According to Windows Team.BR, a Brazilian-based technology blog dedicated to issues related to Windows 10 Mobile, the new vulnerability makes it possible for third parties to bypass the PIN requirements on a Windows 10 Mobile device and access all the photos stored on the device.

It has been reported that the new vulnerability is a result of a fault in the manner in which the lock screen and preview features of the Windows 10 Mobile devices function.

‘As a result of the vulnerability, hackers and other third parties can easily bypass the lock screen as well as password security features of any Windows 10 Mobile phone and view all the photos that are stored on the device,’ the researchers of the blog further report.

Interestingly, it is easy for third parties to access the photos on a Windows 10 Mobile device because they only need to access the camera function that is accessible on a phone with a locked screen.

For third parties to exploit the vulnerability, they only have to switch on the camera on a phone whose screen is locked.

Once the camera is one, a third party only has to take a photo and then delete it immediately.

It has been reported that once a third party deletes a newly-shot photo the third party can click on the black screen that appears on the phone and this will give the third party unlimited access to all the photos stored on the device.

So far, Microsoft has not responded to the findings. However, the company has acknowledged the existence of the vulnerability in its feedback hub.

In the recent past, Microsoft has been struggling to make Windows 10 Mobile compete with the likes of iOS and Android. The company has introduced a number of new features to make the operating system more user-friendly and secure.

The company has introduced Night Light, a special feature that reduces the amount of light that any Windows 10 Mobile device emits at night. The company believes that Night Light will help improve the attractiveness of Windows 10 Mobile devices over time.

It remains to be seen how Microsoft will address this new vulnerability, given that its Windows 10 Mobile faces stiff competition.