Claimed US Warming Due to NOAA Data Tampering?

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According to a Washington Post-ran piece from Climate Central, the United States weather in 2016 was claimed to have been overwhelmingly hot, with the average temperatures being 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit higher than in the 19th century.

There are a number of problems with Climate Central’s analysis, and to begin with, according to RealClimateScience, real hot weather in United States this year was a pretty rare occurrence. Thing is, the percentage of hot days in 2016 in the US was below average, with 2016 ranking 80th in this regard since 1895.

Just 4.4 percent of the days in 2016 were over 95 degrees Fahrenheit, compared to the 4.9% which is the long term average. Climate Central is basically conflating mild temps with hot ones, while claiming that NOAA data shows a 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit rise in the US average temperature in 2016 compared with the 19th century.

The problem with NOAA’s new set of temperatures is that it’s “fake news”, i.e. NOAA created the new warming trend via messing with the data, as in “altering it”, or “faking it”.

The raw data from the same NOAA shows absolutely no warming over the last century.

It appears that NOAA made some “adjusting”, which one may call it tampering with the data, an illegal method by any metrics, with the adjustments being made to the tune of 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit, the exact claimed warming in the WaPo-Climate Central¬†article.

It looks like NOAA is tampering with its own data for matching the global warming theory and this is definitely not the first time they’re caught red handed, nor the last time.

This method of “scientific” research is known as Policy Based Evidence Making or PBEM. Just to give you an idea about how this works, NOAA made up (fabricated) more than 42 percent of their monthly station data in 2016, because guess what: it was missing, so they took care of business so to speak.

They just marked fabricated temps using an E in their database, it’s not complicated at all. It’s also a known fact, admitted by NOAA themselves previously, that the US is not warming at all:

Source: RealClimateScience