New Netflix Phishing Scam Tries to Convince Users to Give Out Their Credit Card Information

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A new phishing scam has been making the rounds lately and this one is specifically targeting Netflix users. The phishing attempt looks more legitimate than most, however, a keen-eyed user can quickly figure out that it’s just a scam.

Netflix customers are urged to be on the lookout as a new phishing scam has recently started targeting users of the popular streaming website. It’s definitely not the first attempt of this kind, however, this particular scam looks better engineered than most so caution is advised. Netflix is a trusted brand with millions of users and it looks like cybercriminals are once again trying to take advantage of that fact. The scammers are using Netflix’s well-known brand name in a series of new emails designed to convince users to give up their credit card information.

According to a report by MailGuard, the new phishing scam is pretty straightforward and involves an email that looks like it was sent by Netflix itself. The email asks users to update their payment details in order to continue using their account. Upon trying to update the expiry date and CVV of their credit card, users are redirected to a fake Netflix website that looks very similar to the real one. Naturally, this website was set up by the scammers who are using it to gather sensitive credit card information from anyone who attempts to update their payment details.

While the scam may look convincing to some, it’s actually pretty easy to figure out that this is a phishing attempt. First of all, the email in question was sent from an address that looks extremely suspicious and doesn’t even have Netflix in its name. The fake website also has a different URL than the one we’re all familiar with, which is just Those are two very large red flags for any experienced internet user and a clear sign that this is just a scam despite the fact that it indeed looks legitimate at first glance. Unfortunately, not everyone pays close attention to what they click on, which is why phishing attempts like this often succeed in claiming at least a few victims.

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t click on any link embedded in a suspicious email. If you’re not sure if the email is legitimate or not, make sure to always check the address. In this particular case, emails regarding payment details tend to come from It’s also worth pointing out that Netflix doesn’t specifically ask users to update their expiry date and CVV. The company just asks you to update your account before being redirected to their official website. Netflix suggests always checking to make sure you’re on the right website before entering any sensitive information. Again, the official website is simply

If you suspect you’ve already been the victim of a phishing attempt make sure to change your password to a new one and contact your bank to make sure everything is in order with your account. It’s also a good idea to check Netflix’s official help page as they have plenty of useful information on how to avoid these types of scams in the future.