New Threats from the Shadow Brokers – Hackers Might Dump More Hacking Tools

New Threats From The Shadow Brokers - Hackers Might Dump More Hacking Tools

The group of hackers that recently dumped several of the cyber-weapons secretly used by NSA now threatens to unveil even more stolen data. According to the blog post left by the cybercriminal organization known as Shadow Brokers, they’re planning to leak new portions of stolen data every month, starting in June. They have stated that the leaks will first go to those who pay for a ‘subscription’.

It’s hinted that the data in question might be related to missile programs and nukes from several major countries, including China, Russia, Iran, or even North Korea. The data will also include Windows 10 exploits, as well as info stolen from central banks. They have proclaimed that the first data dump will be in June, followed by a new one each month and that only ‘subscribers’ or ‘members’ will be getting them. It’s also said that what these ‘members’ decide to do with the received data is completely up to them.

So far, they didn’t give up any sort of proof that they actually possess the data, and many believe that they are lying. However, this is still the group that already managed to hack NSA, so they might not be lying after all. They’ve leaked tools connected to the NSA since last year, and they’ve released even more of them earlier in 2017. Those leaks even included Windows exploits that they failed to sell online.

Those same exploits are believed to be responsible for spreading the WannaCry ransomware that crippled thousands upon thousands of computers around the world during the last weekend. This attack caused chaos in telecoms, hospitals, and many other different institutions and companies. The patch for the vulnerabilities was made by Windows even before the attack, but unfortunately, not many managed to download and install it in time.

This even lead to Microsoft criticizing the government of the US and saying that they’re stockpiling dangerous exploits.

There is even a theory, proposed by Marcy Wheeler, a national security journalist, that claims that Shadow Brokers are trying to start a fight between the US government and Microsoft.

She also said that the Brokers don’t even need another exploit and that the simple threat is enough to start the tension after the first few leaks.

Shadow Brokers have also attacked Microsoft exec, Brad Smith, directly and called him a scumbag. They’ve then continued to question the company’s connection to the NSA. They also criticized both countries and other companies for not bidding in their exploit auction.