Nintendo Switch Thrives on Linux

Nintendo Switch Thrives on Linux

In general, PC gaming is far more customizable than the systems we are accustomed to for gaming such as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. But that doesn´t stop the world of hackers to try and crack the codes of these system software. The Nintendo Switch is the new playground in which these hackers have successfully implanted their savvy skills and now has this gaming system running on Linux.

In order to get a fully customizable experience into the software and to gain unlimited access to the operating systems, getting Linux to run on the Nintendo Switch is a definite must. Although the Manufacturers of these system consoles are not happy with allowing access into the internal affairs of the software, when a hacker wants something there is nothing stopping them from achieving their means. Hackers can add or eliminate features or mess with more intimate details.

Due to Nintendo´s hardware partner NVIDIA, the cracking system on a PC has become increasingly more accessible. An image of the Nintendo Switch being ran by Debian Linux was recently tweeted by failoverflow, a hacking group.

It is confirmed that there is a very little they can do about the hacking issue into the Nintendo Switch as many consoles have already been sold it poses a higher threat. Recently, Nintendo has addressed the issue by claiming that 10 million units have already been sold in just the first year alone and it has already been stated that the bootroom bug responsible for this cant be fixed in the future updating process. Failoverflow is determined for they have been working extensively to get this system working on Linux before finally releasing the demo showcasing their achievement.

The Switch uses a platform called NVIDIA´S Tegra X1 and they say that this could be the reason for the bootroom bug. Because of the bugs´ ability to store codes, the hacking group was able to infiltrate this process by replacing a code of their own and so far the process of fixing this issue looks bleak.

Right now, it seems Nintendo can take this as a learning experience by being more careful with the manufacturing of their consoles in the future. Failoverflow seems confident in their abilities and they are not about to spill their secrets to the public. Because of this, it is possible that sooner, rather than later, we will start seeing pirated games running on this device, which will be an unfortunate case for Nintendo.