Number of Complaints About Drones Grows in the UK, Annoyed People Suspect Snooping

Number of Complaints About Drones Grows in the UK, Annoyed People Suspect Snooping

The new technology is often followed by new problems, and in this case of UK drones, the problems seem to include an ever-growing pile of complaints.

In the last few years, since the drones become a popular new tool, the police of the UK has received many different complaints that include burglary exercises, snooping neighbors, prison smuggling and even near-misses with other aircraft.

The number of incidents seems to be rising rapidly every year. In 2014, only 283 incidents were reported to the police, and in 2015, that number went through the roof, with 1,237 incidents. That was still nothing when compared with 2016, where the number of reported incidents climbed up to 3,456 which is about 10 per day, making the drones an official public nuisance.

In order to get these findings, the Press Association has submitted a freedom of information request. After these reports became public, there were even more, incidents, including a near miss with passenger planes and also a 27-year-old man called Daniel Kelly has become the first person in the UK that went to jail for using drones to smuggle things into prisons. And, since not all of the police forces had submitted their reports, it’s believed that the actual number of incidents is a lot higher.

The National Police Chiefs’ Council lead for drones, Steve Barry, who’s also an Assistant Chief Constable has said that the public needs to understand what drones are and what they can do. It’s his belief that raising awareness of this will help reduce the number of incidents.

Barry stated that “We have to balance the growth of this technology by ensuring that the public is aware of the strong regulatory framework and detailed user guidance that is available relating to drone use.”

The highest number of these incidents was recorded last year in Sussex, and it was around 240, followed by the second highest number of 225 related incidents in Greater Manchester.

In addition to these incidents, there were also warnings of the snooping risk that were given by a Birmingham University professor David H Dunn. He stated that up until now, all you needed were a hedge and a wall and you’d have your privacy, but now, the drones are making it impossible for people to relax in the comfort of their own homes. This goes for regular people as well as celebrities. Dunn has even mentioned a story about thieves and burglars that are using drones to scout the properties and discover the obstacles that await them in advance, without ever having to enter themselves.

Several ways of dealing with these reports have been considered, including drone registration, and also electronically identifiable drones, in which case the owner’s details would be sent to the police if the owners used drones to break the law. The final solution has is to be reached, but for now, the UK citizens will simply have to endure the situation.