OurMine Hackers Strike Again – PlayStation’s Twitter and Facebook Hacked

OurMine Hackers Strike Again

This Sunday, Sony’s PlayStation Network’s official social media accounts, including Twitter and Facebook, have been hacked by a Saudi Arabia based hacking group known as OurMine.

The group first took over the PSN’s Twitter account that has 14.6 million followers, and then started sending Tweets in which it urged the PSN to contact the group through its website and buy the IT security service it offers so PSN can protect itself from future hack attacks.

The group also said that they are in possession of PSN’s database, but have no intention to publish it online because the group thinks of itself as a security group. In a Tweet, they said they aren’t going to share it, that they are a security group and asked anyone who works at PlayStation to go to their website.

As well as taking over Twitter and posting Tweets, the group took over the official Facebook page of PSN with more than 38 million likes and follows and posted there, too.


Despite the claims of having access to the databases of PSN, it is still unknown if the group is in fact telling the truth or not, and just trying to spread fear among the company and their customers. But users are already starting to wonder if their card and login data are safe or not.


Many of the users went on Twitter to express their opinion and ask questions. One person asked if it is known if the group got CC information. Others expressed their disbelief. One pointed out that Sony needs to fix their security, while the second took it all with a sense of humor and said the hacking is the only way to change one’s PSN name.

At the time of publishing this article, both targeted platforms were restored, and all the posts from OurMine were deleted.

This isn’t the first time this week that OurMine has hacked social media accounts of a high-profile company. Just on August 17th, the people behind the group took over HBO’s Twitter account and the official Facebook page of Game of Thrones. As if this wasn’t enough, they also hacked Twitter feeds of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Vynil, True Blood and Veep. All in all, six hacked Twitter accounts posted the same tweets that their millions of followers saw.

The hackers behind OurMine are suspected to be behind the stolen passwords from previous data breaches, including MySpace and LinkedIn from 2016. Nevertheless, it is still unclear how the group is carrying out its latest hacking spree.

In the time of writing, Sony has not made any official statement about the hacking, but stay tuned for that.