OurMine Hacks Social Media Accounts of WWE Ahead of the Royal Rumble

OurMine Hacks Social Media Accounts of WWE Ahead of the Royal Rumble

OurMine, a notorious hacker account, has hacked into various social media accounts of WWE ahead of the much-hyped Royal Rumble this weekend, sources have indicated.

According to multiple sources, OurMine managed to hijack several Twitter accounts of leading WWE figures and post messages indicating that they had managed to access the accounts.

One of the hacked Twitter accounts, the group posted the following message:

‘It is OurMine and we are only trying to test your security.’

The group added their logo and asked the WWE to contact them for further details.

It appears that WWE chose to deal with the issue silently rather than going public about it. Sources indicate that WWE silently solved the security issue, pulled down the hacked accounts and replaced them with new ones.

The reason as to why WWE chose to deal with the issue this way is clear, considering that the organisation is set to host the Royal Rumble this weekend. The Royal Rumble is one of the most important events that WWE hosts, given the number of viewers that it attracts ant the revenue that the organisation manages to rake in from the event.

Currently, it has been indicated that the Royal Rumble event for this year is set to break records in terms of the number of viewers. The Royal Rumble has remained a major staple in the WWE annual entertainment calendar, thanks to clever advertising and a growing fan base across the world.

Many observers have pointed out that the approach that WWE used to handle the hacking has prevented the incident from growing into a full-blown disaster.

OurMine has been known to target the Twitter accounts of celebrities and other highly popular figures in a bid to advertise its cyber security services.

In the past, the group has carried out high-ranking hackings against the accounts of leading personalities such as Mark Zuckerberg, the Twitter founders and others.

Regarding the WWE hacking, a representative of the group, while claiming responsibility for the job, said that the group found it easy to hack into the accounts because they are connected to each other.

‘All the Twitter and Facebook accounts of the leading stars of WWE are interlinked and this made it easy for us,’ the representative further said.

It is not clear the security measures that WWE took to salvage the situation and how effective the measures shall be in preventing such events from happening in the future, given that OurMine did not get the publicity that it needed.