Out-of-control space station could RAIN FIRE before smashing Earth

chinese space station crushing onto earth

According to reports from various astrophysicists, a massive Chinese-made and currently out-of-control space station is about to hit Earth, as it’s currently on a collision course with the planet. The so-called rogue space-station has 8.5 metric tons and it was the first one ever built by the Chinese, being launched on September 29th 2011 in order to demonstrate China’s space program prowess, i.e. docking capabilities and orbital rendezvous.

The unmanned space-station’s behavior became erratic last year, as Chinese tech support lost control over the beast. The Communist super-power’s brain child, the  Tiangong-1 space station  respectively started plummeting towards our planet since last year, and according to estimates, it can hit earth as early as January-February 2018. The Chinese tried to keep the space station’s catastrophic failure under wraps, yet 2 months ago, in September, they revealed to the general public that Tiangong-1 may hit Earth at any moment.

ESA (the European Space Agency) calculated the probability of the Tiangong-1 hitting inhabited areas and narrowed down the possible impact-sites to Bulgaria, Spain, Italy and Greece. The head of the European Space Agency Holger Krag has said:

“Owing to the geometry of the station’s orbit, we can already exclude the possibility that any fragments will fall over any spot further north than 43 degrees North or further south than 43 degrees South.

“This means that re-entry may take place over any spot on Earth between these latitudes, which includes several European countries, for example.

“The date, time and geographic footprint of the re-entry can only be predicted with large uncertainties. Even shortly before re-entry, only a very large time and the geographical window can be estimated.”

Even if that may sound like fear-mongering, the truth is that in the history of space-flight, nobody was ever killed by falling debris. The out-of-control Chinese space station is expected to crash anytime between now and April of 2018, according to a Chinese official speaking to the United Nations. Parts of the space station will probably burn in the atmosphere, but it is expected for chunks weighing up to 200 pounds to get through intact and crash onto Earth’s inhabited areas.

The worst thing about it is that it’s quasi-impossible to predict where it would hit. Here’s astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell:

“You really can’t steer these things.

“Even a couple of days before it re-enters we probably won’t know better than six or seven hours, plus or minus, when it’s going to come down.

“Not knowing when it’s going to come down translates as not knowing where it’s going to come down. I expect it will come down a few months from now – late 2017 or early 2018.”