Ovidiy Stealer Offers to Help you Steal Money and Information for just $7

Ovidiy Stealer Offers to Help you Steal Money and Information for just $7

Stealing money and information has never been this easy before, thanks to a new cheap malware made in Russia. With as little as $7 in your bank account, you can afford to buy the newest form of credential-stealing malware, making it easier than ever for cyber crime enthusiasts to enter the cyber crime scene.

Ovidiy Stealer, the new malware in question, appeared about a month ago for the first time. Its creators are Russian-speaking, and they regularly update the malware ever since it came out. Malware’s targets can be found all over the world, by now including the United Kingdom, India, Russia and the Netherlands.

For a low price of 450-750 Rubles, which is around $7-$13, you can get the malware which even includes a code specifically designed to pass analysis undetected, making it a too good a deal to pass.

Researchers at Proofpoint have discovered the malware, finding that it is spread by, but not limited to, email attachments, file-hosting sites, and even software packages.

Its functions are designed for multiple applications, but a customer can choose to get a version which focus is on a single browser for a lower price, in case they wish to do so.

Once the malware succeeds to find passwords, it sends them to their customers who can use it to compromise their victims, with the risk being higher if the victim uses the same password for other accounts, too.

One of the ways Ovidiy Stealer advertises itself by claiming to have the ability to view statistics and logs of their victim’s computers. RoboKassa, a Russian system that works similarly to PayPal is the way a payment for the malware can be made.

To heighten their sales statistics, the malware publishes their detailed plans for the updates in the future, making the customers to-be excited for what is yet to come.

Despite the program being somewhat basic, the fact that it’s highly advertised and in combination with its low price, Ovidiy Stealer appeals to the cyber crime enthusiasts who always wanted to get into the said world but might not be had the chance to yet.

Proofpoint researchers told the reporters that Ovidiy Stealer stands for everything that is desirable in the cybercrime marketplace; innovation, availability for new users, and challenge for non-criminal organizations who are trying to keep their users’ information secure.

Unlike many cybercriminal gangs that work in highly sophisticated ways, which is the main scene in the cybercrime world, Avidiy Stealer is a part of the growing market that targets criminal newbies and provides them with all the tools to get them started, for a reasonable price of the piece of the profit in return.