PAL-V International Starts Taking Orders its New of Flying Car Model

PAL-V International Starts Taking Orders its New of Flying Car Model

PAL-V International, a Dutch company, is presently taking orders for building a special type of flying cars for private use, according to reports.

The company has announced on its website that individuals and institutions interested in its new type of flying car called PAL-V Liberty should make orders online.

PAL-V stands for Personal Air and Land Vehicle.

And it seems that many individuals and institutions across the world are interested in owning this new type of car. According to the CEO of the company, Robert Dingemanse, the company has already received orders from institutions in the tourism industry as well as government agencies.

‘We have also been receiving orders from various individuals across the world,’ he added.

The PAL-V Liberty is a special type of car that can convert from the driving to the flying mode.

The car has three wheels and can accommodate two passengers at any given time.

According to reports, the performance of the car is based on proprietary technology that PAL-V International has been working on over the years. The technology allows the car to have a high degree of agility, which is considered by experts as an essential property for a flying car.

However, it is has been observed that the regulatory requirements in place may present hurdles to many would-be owners of this new flying car.

For example, for one to operate this new type of car, the person must be a trained and qualified pilot. Also, any person who wishes to operate this new type of car should have at least 40 hours of flying experience.

However, the biggest issue related to owning the new car is the price. The new model costs $255,000, a price that many people consider exorbitant. Interestingly, another custom-made version of the PAL-V Liberty is set to retail at $425,000, effectively keeping this new type of flying car out of the reach of ordinary consumers.

PAL-V International has said that a lot of research has gone into developing the current model of its flagship car.

The CEO of the company has pointed out that they teams of researchers and developers have been concerned with the need to make the car as efficient and safe as possible.

The current model takes about 10 minutes to convert from the driving to the flying mode. When on the ground, the car can hit a speed level of 100 mph. When airborne, the car can attain a speed of 112 mph at an altitude of 4,000 feet.