Popcorn Time’s New Feature Promises to Better Streaming Service

Popcorn Time’s New Feature Promises to Better Streaming Service

The recently announced new feature, ReelGood, from Popcorn Time promises to deliver more variety from legitimate sources to its viewers.

It is a well-known fact that streaming services and internet-based media are quickly usurping traditional viewing methods and mediums such as cable television. One of the more popular options being Popcorn Time. Over the years Popcorn time has experienced various legal issues regarding their service which they hope to eradicate with their new feature dubbed ReelGood.

Most streaming platforms have had their fair share of difficulties with the authorities and Popcorn time is no exception to this. The beginning of information sharing networks and software like Kazaa and LimeWire mostly targeted music to be shared. Popcorn Time is based on the same logic, but instead of music, they focus on movies, series, and other video content.

Affectionately known as “the poor man’s Netflix”, Popcorn Time has had its fair share of scrapes with several authorities. In 2016, Norwegian authorities seized Popcorn Time’s domain, PopcornTime.no, in an attempt to shut it down. This brought about the establishment of two different organizations Electronic Frontier Norway (EFN) as well as Norwegian Unix User Group (NUUG) which retaliated at authorities with lawsuits.

Despite their best efforts, however, the Norwegian authorities were incapable of shutting down the streaming service. Popcorn Time is open sourced, meaning any developer can make as many versions of the site available as possible, which would only turn into a wild goose chase for the authorities involved.

In addition to this, the software and code itself is open source. Which means that any coder or developer can download the code at any time with the goal to tweak the code and upload a new version. Since so many people have already done this, and since there are so many different versions of Popcorn Time currently available, it will be impossible for authorities to eradicate the streaming service entirely, at least with current technologies.

Although that’s not to say that they haven’t tried. Several other authorities including the Norwegian authorities as well as the MPAA have tried and failed, to shut down the increasingly popular streaming platform.

Yet Popcorn Time itself is not illegal. The software operates much the same as BitTorrent. The code and technology is merely created in an attempt to share information. The information that is shared, however, creates a gray area in terms of legality. The information being shared mostly depends on the copyright laws of different regions and how an area enforces copyright law.

Since most nations and territories admit the extreme difficulty of eradicating software like Popcorn Time altogether, most countries now allow for streaming media if it’s used for personal use only.

Streaming media content is widely socially acceptable. Yet considering Popcorn Time’s troubled past with authorities, it is understandable that they wanted a more legitimate way for their viewers to stream their services.

This is where ReelGood comes in. ReelGood is a feature created to solve a number of different problems faced by such a popular streaming platform.

Firstly ReelGood will combine several sources of streaming content onto a single platform. Up until now, a user could choose between millions of streaming platform, with no single one giving the user a comprehensive choice of content. Often this would force a user to hunt down specific content from an array of different streaming services. Streamlining this process into a single platform is sure to appeal to a lot of people.

The second feature which is included in an attempt to bypass matters of legality is that ReelGood will not only include pirated versions of content. ReelGood will consist of both pirated and subscription service content. The user can then decide which option they are more comfortable with.