Popular YouTubers’ Video Titles Changed by Hackers

Popular YouTubers' Video Titles Changed by Hackers

A hacking group called OurMine has hacked several of the popular YouTube channels in an attempt to prove themselves, and luckily, this hack proved to be just another one of their advertising stunts.

All of the affected channels had their video titles and descriptions changed to “#OurMine” by this security hacking group. Also, the description contained an explanation that the hack was only done to test the account’s security.

The message in the descriptions says: “Hey, it’s OurMine, don’t worry we are just testing your security, please contact us for more information.”

One of the group’s members has stated that their only goal is to demonstrate the faulty security and the flaws that allow them to hack into their targeted places. They also stated that they don’t need money, but they do sell security services.

The group claims that they’re not black hat hackers, that are trying to hack in order to cause damage, but instead more of gray hat hackers, that are hacking to prove that nothing and no one is safe on the web. They also claim that there are no bad intentions, only the wish to see security and privacy updated and improved.

Studio71, which all of the hacked YouTube channels are a part of, represents more than 1,200 channels in total. These ones include the channels of Lilly Singh, Roman Atwood as well as Logan Paul. The hacked channels only had titles and descriptions changed and were soon returned back to normal. Studio71 is one of the top five multi-channel networks.

This hack was done on April 13, but OurMine has called it the biggest YouTube hack in history, but this wasn’t the first time they did it. They also hacked it back on April 1, and during that time, the biggest hacked channels included LeafyIsHere, Kwebbelkop and Miniminter.

As we said, the point of the hacks was to demonstrate the faulty security, and the advice given was to change passwords and make them stronger by combining letters, numbers, and symbols. In addition to this, another advice was given – that the users should have a backup of all of their content, so that they could reupload it in case of their accounts were compromised “for real”.

Many YouTubers were recently accused of using clickbaits to increase the number of views. “Clickbait” is a term used by the online communities and marks the titles that are created in order to “make” the internet users click on the titled video. It may or may not have anything to do with the content of the video, or even news itself, but its job is to trick you into starting the video so that it would get more views.

Some YouTubers claim that this is not a method used for tricking people, but rather to attract new people to the video, and potentially convince them to become subscribers after they’ve found the content interesting.

Many fans don’t like this and consider it to be lying and false advertising. but many of them don’t understand that for some of the YouTubers, creating videos is a full-time job, and the only source of income. They need to use these methods so that they could support themselves and their families, and these methods are helping with that. They don’t doubt the quality of their content, they only want to make you try it out.