Power Grid Disrupting Cyber Weapon Created by Russia Exposed

Power Grid Disrupting Cyber Weapon Created by Russia Exposed

Moscow backed hackers have created a cyber weapon capable of being the deadliest weapon ever deployed against power supply systems. This is a system which American citizens rely upon daily for their survival. This much was made known by a group of American researchers.

This weapon known as CrashOveride, is recorded to have damaged just one power system in Ukraine. In that incident, the invaders paralyzed briefly about a fifth of the energy generated in the capital city of Kiev.

It is believed that with some improvements, it could be used on distribution and transmission systems of the American energy setup to deadly effects; this much was said by Caltagirone Sergio, the director of threat intelligence at Dragos, a cyber security company that released the findings of its study of the Malware.

It is also reported that the Russian government backed hackers have made attacking power setups in the United States of America a top priority. Caltagirone was quoted as saying that their findings revealed that the malware was a product of over ten years of study and development.

This news is coming on the heels of investigations being carried out by the government of America into the role that the government of Russia allegedly played in determining the outcome of the American presidential elections. It is believed that the Russians went as far as breaching a large number of political groups, and exploiting social media platforms to sway the outcome of the poles.

The identity of the firm that developed this software has already been exposed to be Electrum by Dragos, it has also been uncovered that they used the same systems like the ones used to breach the Ukrainian power grid in 2015. It is on record that these singular Acts left over two hundred thousand persons without electricity. However, U.S. authorities have not come out to confirm or deny the authenticity of this allegation.

It is believed according to John Hulquist director of intelligence at CyberEye, that the same group that targeted American control systems back in 2014 is responsible for the Ukrainian attack, Hulquist’s team named the group ‘Sandworm’.

According to him, Sandworm has strong connections to Moscow, although one cannot really say for sure if they are government officials or private contractors. Sandworm and Electrum could actually be the same group working on the same setup as shown by evidence obtained by Dragos.

The United States Department of Homeland Security has not debunked or acknowledged the query sent to them in this regard as at the time of filing this report. However, with CrashOveride the scary thing is that is just a piece of a larger puzzle.

This software can be manipulated to attack any kind of industrial control setups such as gas and water, although its level of the destructiveness of this enemy has not yet been ascertained. Furthermore, these invaders may have resources and professionals at their disposal for development and deployment of this malware.

But it should, however, be noted no matter how scary these findings may be, they certainly do not mean that the end of the world is near.