Qualcomm Banks on 5G to Revolutionise Mobile Telephony

Qualcomm is banking on the 5G technology to revolutionise the mobile telephony industry, its CEO, Steve Mollenkopf, has said.

Speaking at the recently concluded CES 2017 conference, Mr Mollenkopf said that Qualcomm expects to be one of the leading players in the industry to bring the 5G internet experience to users.

He further said that Qualcomm seeks to position itself in such a manner that it helps to change the way in which people access and enjoy the internet by bringing them the 5G experience as soon as the technology is commercially available.

According to Qualcomm, the new 5G internet technology is far from being a mere improvement of the current 3G and 4G technologies.

‘The new 5G internet technology is an entirely new ball game that will bring to the industry hitherto unprecedented changes,’ the CEO added.

It appears that Qualcomm is focused on playing a leading role in ushering in the 5G internet age. The company is set to compete with the likes of Samsung and Alcatel in bringing the new and much-touted Internet experience to the hands of Smartphone users.

In the much-hyped exhibition by the company, users were treated to various demonstrations on how the 5G age is set to change the entire industry as well as affect many others.

In one demonstration, it was indicated that it would be possible to download up to 5GB of data within 3 seconds, thanks to the high speed of the new internet technology. Given the high speed of the new technology, users will be able to not only access relatively large files in split-second speeds but also effectively carry out highly critical operations in the course of their day to day work.

Mr Mollenkopf went further to say that the new technology would support up to 22 million new jobs by the time its effects are fully realised in a couple of decades from now. He was referring to the findings of a study that Qualcomm conducted earlier on the possible impact that the new technology would have on various industries across the world.

According to the findings of the study, which the Qualcomm CEO summarised in his keynote address, the enormous impact of 5G will be experienced as a result of two things: the high connectivity speeds that the technology will offer users and the reductions in the costs associated with data that the new technology will bring.

Currently, mobile companies across the world are working to bring the technology to the people. Reports indicate that some companies are set to launch the technology in Japan later this year.