R6DB Got Hacked – Gaming Databases Got Wiped Out by Hackers

R6DB Got Hacked - Gaming Databases Got Wiped Out by Hackers

The hackers had left a ransom message, but the database owners think that there is no reason for them to keep data.

This huge fan-powered gaming service and database of Ubisoft’s first-person shooter Rainbow Six Siege got attacked by hackers recently. The databases got wiped and it is still unknown how did the hackers get access to these databases. After all, there is no highly confidential data that hackers could use later on.

As the reports say, pre-programmed bot got into the system, and at the moment everything is locked out because the owners do not want any leak of data, no matter it is just gaming data from users around the world.

What is not so positive about this attack is that the damage is done in such a way that R6DB backup databases are now useless. They are working on restoring as much of data as possible, but it may be possible that a lot of players statistics are lost, which might result into games getting angry and disappointed in this game and system.

However, the positive thing is that there is no personal data, credit cards or anything similar, so the damage is strictly done on the database itself, not on the specific users. As the company reports, there is no need for concerns about privacy. Some of the player’s profiles got deleted but there is some chance of recovering them. Whether that is possible, we will know in the next couple of days as we wait for another report from the company.

Because the players just want to play the game and not hassle about any kinds of databases, the team is currently working on setting up a new server so the players can enjoy their game while the hired team of experts gives in all the effort into fixing this problem. Players individual progress is almost completely wiped out so everybody starts from the beginning now.

For security reasons, the team has decided to delete and reinstall the complete system, because it is unknown whether the hacker just got the bot into the database or the whole system. The team realizes that they need the system and all the security measures are now up and running in solving these problems.

The team has recently reported that PC backup is done, they had recovered as much of data as possible. PS4 backup is now a quarter done, so these players might have to wait a day or two and hope that their data is saved as it should be. Updates are up and running and the server should continue working normally after a few days.

There are over 1.1 million users playing this game, and the attack itself came just a few days after the games one year anniversary. As the tweet says, some ranks might be missing at the moment but the new server is up and running for everyone.