Researchers Raise Alarm over New Malware Targeting Instagram Users in Turkey

Researchers Raise Alarm over New Malware Targeting Instagram Users in Turkey

Researchers have raised the alarm over the rise of a new malware program that appears to target Instagram users in Turkey.

The new malware, now dubbed the Android/InstaZuna, has been reported by the cyber security research team at McAfee Mobile Security.

In a detailed report, the researchers describe how criminals have devised this new method of secretly accessing the login details of Instagram users by duping them into downloading fake Android apps from Google Play Store.

According to researchers, the criminals running this new campaign appear to target users of Instagram in Turkey.

The mobile malware research team at Intel Security have pointed out that the criminals have developed various fake Instagram log-in pages that they use to steal the login credentials of their victims.

Once unsuspecting users download the fake application from the Google Play store and install it on a device, the malware redirects the users to activate their Instagram account. Thus, the criminals are running a sophisticated phishing campaign that threatens the security of millions of users; the researchers point out.

‘What many unsuspecting people fail to understand is that the malware automatically redirects them to a fake page that criminals can use to steal their details,’ the researchers note.

Once users key in their login details on the fake Instagram log in pages, the hackers can see the login details of the users in plain text; it has been reported.

Furthermore, researchers have pointed out that the hackers use the login details of the users of Instagram account in Turkey to attempt to access their other accounts online. So, if a person uses a pair of login details for multiple websites, it is likely that the hackers can access all the accounts of the person after stealing the Instagram login details, the researchers note.

It is not clear why the criminals have chosen to target Instagram users in Turkey. However, users of Instagram in the country as well as elsewhere are being repeatedly warned about the danger that they face when they get exposed to the malware program.

According to the security researchers at McAfee, individuals should be vigilant when downloading apps and tools for their mobile devices. The researchers further advise users to stick to the practice of downloading applications from the authorised app stores of their operating systems.

The researchers at Intel Security are of the opinion that individuals need to use standard mobile internet security software programs as the primary method of protecting themselves from these form of attacks.