Roborace Develops New Driverless Racing Car

Roborace Develops New Driverless Racing Car

Roborace has announced that it has successfully developed a new driverless car that can be specifically used for racing. During the current edition of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, the company has showcased a model of one of its driverless racing cars.

Dubbed the Robocar, the new type of car is said to be the culmination of years of research into how to make a driverless racing car highly appealing to the audience.

According to Justin Cook, the Chief Marketing Officer of Roborace, the company has invested a considerable amount of resources into making the car one of the most effective ones on the racing track as well as appealing to the audience.

‘Our purpose was to make Robocar the best thing that people can witness in real life, given that they have seen such cars in Sci-Fi movies,’ he added.

The new car has all the features that are found in conventional racing cars, only that it weighs much less than the conventional ones.

And as one would expect, the Robocar is fitted with tens of sensors and other high-tech devices to help it navigate an often unpredictable terrain during actual races.

The major software driving the car was provided by Nvidia, a well-known brand in the driverless cars field.

Roborace expects that the introduction of the Robocar will usher in a new era in the motor racing industry.

We envision a future in which companies that make such kinds of cars shall participate in a new form of racing called Formula E,’ the company has said.

It is expected that Formula E, unlike the current F1 and other car racing formats, will not be all about the thrill of speed.

In a demonstration, Roborace set two of its model cars on a small racing circuit and introduced obstacles to make the race more challenging. Interestingly, the cars managed to evade the obstacles successfully without losing track of the essence of the race.

Roborace engineers believe that to make Formula E more exciting, it will be necessary to introduce obstacles to the racing circuit. The engineers of the company are yet to determine how well the obstacles will function, given that the technology driving the Robocar and other similar cars are still under development.

Also, it is yet to be known how the teams participating in Formula E races will gain and maintain a competitive advantage, given that no humans shall be directly involved in the races.