Robot Performs Backflip! (VIDEO)

boston dynamics robot backflip

The age of men is over! The time of the robot has come! Yes, I am a big Lord of the Rings fan, but today’s news has more to do with the other (second best) trilogy, and I am talking about the original Star Wars series. Enter Boston Dynamics’ version of C3PO, a proto-android if you like. Named Atlas, this robot is capable of amazing things, and I am talking about performing backflips like a champ.

Yes, you got that right. Even if the regular American-couch potato can’t do it, and I am referring to performing backflips, the hulking humanoid that is Atlas can. How about that? Besides acrobatics, Atlas can jump around (from platform to platform) better than House of Pain’s Everlast, just check out the video:

Truth be told, a humanoid robot is not supposed to do these devilries. I mean, it’s hard enough to make a robot walk without embarrassing itself. Check it out, I am not kidding:


Now that you’ve seen these epic failures, you understand how advanced Atlas really is? To create a bipedal robot which is capable of jumping obstacles and do tumbling routines is absolutely awesome. Four legged robots keep their balance with no significant problems, but Atlas has a heavy and bulky upper body and two chicken legs, yet it manages to perform and keep its balance like a Russian gymnast.

And if you’re wondering why scientists are complicating their lives with building biped robots, well, these babies come handy when it comes to climbing ladders/stairs, i.e. a four legged robot can’t do much in a situation which requires a synthetic human(read robot), such as exploring a contaminated nuclear plant or something along these lines. Another thing about Atlas is that even if it tumbles and falls (it happens to the best of us), he’s now capable of getting back up on its own.