Russia Deploys Nuke Resistant Combat Suit (VIDEO)

Ratnik 3

The Russian army is way ahead of its western counterparts in terms of gear, as it recently presented its latest nuke resistant combat suit. Yes, you got that right: the Russians are expecting nuclear wars in the future, else a nuke-resistant combat suit wouldn’t make much sense. And considering the recent developments in Iran and North Korea, nuclear warfare pending in various regions of the world is not a far-fetched theory, or at least that’s what Russians think.

Enter Ratnik-3, the state of the art and uber-futuristic combat suit, now on its third generation. The initial Ratnik was designed in the former Soviet union, yet the new/highly futuristic version is built and designed by a quasi-private Russian defense contractor, namely Rostec. The Ratnik-3 is comprised of 5 integrated sub-systems, which include command and communication, life support, protection, engaging and energy saving subsystems, as per state-owned Russian media outlet Tass.

The high tech combat suit boasts more than 59 items, including an Iron-man-like powered exoskeleton, which increases the soldier’s strength and stamina. There’s also a state of the art armor and a ballistic helmet with a visor that protects the soldier’s entire face.

Obviously, the visor features a pop up display, that can be used for things like examining the map/the plan of the battlefield and so forth and so on. However, the coolest addition to the Ratnik 3 is the nuke-resistant watch, which is designed to resist the nuclear electromagnetic pulse which follows a nuclear blast. Some of the Russia’s elite military units were rumored to be equipped with the first-gen Ratnik combat-suit since 2013, and some pieces of the Ratnik were observed in Crimea on Russian soldiers, according to the The New York Times.

The 3rd gen is scheduled to enter service in 2020. The US army is also rumored to unveil its Tactical Light Operator Suit, also known as Iron Man, obviously,which is said to be very similar to Ratnik for all intents and purposes. The Iron Man suit is scheduled to enter service in 2018.