Russian Cybercriminal Marketplace Gets Hacked and Extorted for $50,000

HackHackers Take Advantage of Apache Strut 2 Vulnerability to Launch Massive Attacksers Take Advantage of Apache Strut 2 Vulnerability to Launch Massive Attacks

A Dark Web marketplace called Basetool, which contains over 20,000 cybercriminal-related tools has been hacked by an unknown hacker, who threatens to leak data if a ransom is not paid.

The Dark web marketplace known as Basetools has been subject to a data breach provoked by a yet unknown hacker. Basetools usually boasts of having more than 20,000 tools for sale and 150,000 active users, along with 24/7 technical support. The unknown hacker has got a hold of Basetools’ data and the operator’s identity, and has warned that if his ransom petition of $50,000 is not paid, then he would release all of Basetools’ data, including the operator’s identity to the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice, and others.

Dark web vendors usually use Basetools as an underground marketplace to buy and sell credit card data, spamming tools, customer accounts, and much more. This marketplace is particularly popular in Russian cybercriminal forums and markets. One of Basetools most proud statements goes to their size, since they have over 20,000 cybercriminal-related tools for sale, and more than 150,000 users.

The ransom demand posted by the hacker was discovered after the site went online, dumping a sample of his “reward,” which was data from Basetools, simultaneously. It has transpired that the hacker also dumped tools along with the data, these tools included login credentials for C-Panel and Shell accounts, user data from various data breaches, spambots hosted on hacked servers, backdoors and much more. Security researchers have already expressed their concerns since these leaked tools could be utilized by cybercriminals to launch more attacks.

Security experts at the intelligence-related company Digital Shadows were the first to discover the attack on the Basetools marketplace, and according to them, the hacker has claimed to have in his property Basetools’ customer details, and access to administrator accounts.

Apparently, according to Dylan Katz a Security expert, the data dump made by the hacker also included information from not yet announced data leaks, this leaked data is being analyzed at this moment by Katz, who intends to warn the victims. This discovery, however, poses that the marketplace was selling user data from companies that have not discovered the data breach yet.

According to several claims, including security experts at Digital Shadows although cybercriminals and rival websites attacking each other is not new, in most cases, these attacks have financial motives, but in this case, Basetools’ hacker may have more motives.

Security researchers have further added that chaos is currently ensuing in the cybercriminal underworld as a consequence for AlphaBay and Hansa’s shutdown. A small report given by Digital Shadows also further adds “there is more than just financial motives, that is not the whole story. The hacker has said the site’s operator has been creating false personas, manipulating vendors, and using deceitful methods to increase vendor profiles popularity.”

Concerns were expressed by many security researchers earlier this month, as four very popular dark web marketplaces went offline without any explanation.