Russian Weapons Manufacturer Reveals Fully-Automated “Killer Robot”

russian terminator

The stuff of nightmares just became reality, as a Russian weapons manufacturer (the same one who makes the legendary AK 47 assault rifle by the way) just revealed the latest weapon in Vladimir Putin’s paraphernalia: a fully automated killer robot, or drone, or Terminator or whatchamacallit. Regardless of what you’re thinking about The Thing, this seems to be the brave new world our kids will be living in.

A world in which warfare (and who knows, police?) will be the playground of armed-to-the-teeth automatons, whether we’re talking about Predator drones or Russian robots equipped with heavy machine guns and RPGs. Either way, considering that real AI technology will soon become a reality, the machines will call the shots and SkyNet will go online sooner rather than later. Catastrophic theories about our dystopic future aside, if robots are in charge, things can get out of hand rather quickly, don’t you think?

The UN actually debated the hot topic regarding autonomous killer robots recently, as both humanitarian organizations and prominent scientists alike warned the world about this type of technology which is quite lethal and very dangerous, as it doesn’t require human control anymore. Think Pandora’s box, where do you draw the line? Imagine this Terminator technology in the hands of governments (China, North Korea etc). It’s chilling to say the least.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that this type of autonomous killer robot doesn’t sit well with the public perception, as the vast majority of the those interviewed, regardless of their country of origin and/or culture would like a complete ban enforced on such devilries. Joke aside, despite the dangers and the general public outcry, weapons manufacturers are quite happy taking next generation warfare into a real-life Terminator movie sequel and bringing the battlefield of the future to our doorsteps. Literally.

Enter Kalashnikov’s fully automated combat module, a doomsday machine, as lethal as they come, built with neural network technology and fully capable of identifying and shooting its own targets. The Russian Terminator uses artificial intelligence and 25 mm cannons and it will be capable of hunting on its own and making decisions on its own. That means, killing people.

Check out the video:

Via Defense One