Samsung Now Says that Bad Batteries Caused the Problems in Galaxy 7

Samsung Now Says that Bad Batteries Caused the Problems in Galaxy 7

Samsung has said that poor battery design and other technical features were the main cause of the problems that were experienced in Samsung Galaxy Note 7 last year.

In a detailed report following an inquiry that the company commissioned to investigate the issue, the company says that in the first place, the batteries used on the phone had a little design mistake on the top left-hand corner that could easily lead to a short circuit. An abnormal deflection of one of the negative electrodes in the battery was identified as the main cause of the fires that phone was said to cause.

It is not clear how the fault occurred, given that Samsung has its battery manufacturing subsidiary called Samsung SDI.

In the second case, the company has said that the replacement batteries that were used on the subsequent Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in a bid to address the initial problems had technical faults as well. The company has pointed out that many of the replacement batteries had welding defects while some did not have the insulation tape, an important feature that makes batteries safer.

The company has pointed out that the welding defects in the replacement batteries arose from the fact that the company had to get the batteries with a very short time.

The replacement batteries are said to have been obtained from Amperex Technologies.

Tim Baxter, the head of Samsung US, has said that the welding fault in the replacement batteries forced the company to recall all the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices that were in the market and stop the production of new devices.

‘Had it not been for the fault in the replacement batteries, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would still be in the market right now,’ he indicated.

The report was corroborated by findings from studies conducted by independent firms. TUV Rheinland and Exponent, the two firms that were contracted to carry out independent investigations into the matter, returned similar results, saying that design faults were the main cause of the problem.

However, the company has released its earnings guidance, indicating that it may again post record profits for the current financial year. According to the guidance, the current earnings of the company may be the highest in the last three years. The company has also said that it may double its operating profits for the current year.