Samsung Plans To Release A Stretchable Display Soon

Samsung Plans To Release A Stretchable Display Soon

Stretchable and flexible phones are a subject of whispers and debates for a while now. Everyone was wondering will they make an appearance, and if so, which company will be the first to unveil them. Today, we might be one step closer to getting an answer to that question.

It’s discovered that Samsung plans to reveal the first ever stretchable display panel. News from South Korea claims that it’s supposed to happen sometime this week, on the US tech fair. Apparently, Samsung is going to showcase a 23cm (9.1-inch) panel in Los Angeles, during the Society for Information Display 2017 that is expected to be held from May 23 to May 25.

The display in question can be used for the foldable phones, as well as in cars, and it’s supposed to be able to bend up to 12 mm, or roughly 0.47 in. and it’ll be able to bend, curve up, and even roll, as said by Samsung’s spokesperson. They also mentioned that even this tech is far from finished, and that’s still in the development phases. This can only mean that, despite this being a huge step towards bendable phones, we’re still not quite there yet.

Still, there have been many similar patents from other tech companies as well, and the race to actually operational stretchable phones continues. Apple has already submitted a patent for a stretchy ‘input/output device’ this February, which might as well mean a stretchable iPhone. On the other hand, there were even some rumors that claim that Samsung’s working on a special smartphone called ‘Galaxy X’ and that it would be able to expand and become a tablet.

It’s expected that flexible display market might even rise to $15.5 billion in the next five years, while last year, it was $3.7 billion.

IHS Markit, a research company from London, has stated that the evolution of the displays is expected to continue in the next several years.

Despite all this, foldable smartphones still aren’t a reality. However, some reports even say that the tech exists, but it’s being held off until the technology itself matures a bit more. Another reason might be the fact that companies are still making quite the profit, even without stretchable and bendable tech. Whatever the truth might be, what’s known for sure at this point is that the tech isn’t ready for to be released, but Samsung is still expected to prepare quite a demonstration.