Samsung Set to Launch a Foldable Smartphone later in the Year

SamsAung Set to Launch a Foldable Smartphone later in the Year

Reports indicate that Samsung may launch a foldable phone towards the end of 2017.

According to sources, the company has been working on a revolutionary type of smartphone that will be highly foldable. Users will be able to roll the new phone into various shapes, giving it a new and highly versatile feel.

In the recent past, the company has been demonstrating models of the revolutionary smartphones at various exhibitions.

Also, it has been reported that the company now owns various patents regarding the design, look and feel of the yet-to-be-unveiled phone.

Interestingly, several other smartphone makers already own similar patents. It has been reported that Apple, among other leading companies, own similar patents and that they may respond to the expected move by Samsung by developing their new versions of a foldable smartphone.

Although details about when production of the new smartphone still scanty, there are indications that Samsung is being held up by a lack of sufficient supply of the raw material that it needs for the phone.

The company needs access to a steady supply of polyimide to manufacture special covers that will allow the new phone to be foldable. According to reports, Samsung is yet to access a good and steady supply of the key raw material and that this state of affairs is what has delayed the commencement of production of the new type of smartphone.

On a different note, some observers have been pointing out that the timing for the release of the new phone coincides with the intention of Samsung to counter the planned release of the iPhone 8 by Apple.

Apple is planning to release the iPhone 8, a new version of the iPhone-laden with new features, during the fourth quarter of the year. Traditionally, Apple has been releasing new versions of its devices during the fourth quarter so that the release coincides with the Christmas season when the company makes most of its sales.

If this is the case, the release of the new foldable Samsung smartphone is expected to counter the release of the iPhone 8.

Samsung has also been releasing new devices at specific times every year. If the planned production of the new foldable smartphone goes according to plan, it is expected that the company will have to release three products in this year as opposed to the traditional two that it has been releasing over the past few years.