San Francisco Hit by Massive Power Outage, Shuts Businesses, Train Station

People Trapped in Elevators

San Francisco Power Outage

The word on Friday is Lights Out San Fran!, as the city was hit by a massive power outage which was caused according to some scenarios by a fire at a substation. However, the blackout which shut down one of America’s most important cities from the Presidio to the Financial District, leading to closure of businesses, a BART station and a federal courthouse is not normal not even in a Democratic stronghold.

According to the spokesperson for Pacific Gas and Electric company, more than ninety thousand customers were affected by the power outage. The electrical failure hit San Francisco early in the am, at approximately 9 local time.

San Fran residents reported how traffic lights went out in various intersections, making traffic free for all so to speak, just like in India and other developing nations. Many buildings were closed following the power outage, among them U.S. Courthouse at 450 Golden Gate Ave. and the e Phillip Burton Federal Building.

The cause of the epic failure is not yet known, but it’s definitely a problem with the city’s aging infrastructure, and I am not only talking about power cables and electrical transformers. It is also unknown how long it will take for the Pacific Gas and Electric company to restore power and the amazing thing is that the Russians weren’t blame for the outage just yet.

There were numerous calls at the San Fran Fire Dept. from people asking for help, i.e. folks trapped in elevators and things of that nature, but there were no injuries to speak of, at least until 10 AM local time. The city looks like in the wake of a selective EMP attack, i.e. nothing works in certain areas, except from cars jamming the streets and sirens blaring as engines are maneuvering along the boulevards responding to emergencies.

The good news is that Muni trains are still operating both above ground and underground, though delays are inevitable, due to traffic lights issues. Some schools in the city were also affected by the power outage, including  Sutro Elementary, Spring Valley Science School, Alamo Elementary, Galileo Academy of Science and Technology, Civic Center Secondary School and Cobb Elementary.

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