Scientists Say Europe, Not Africa is Birthplace of Mankind.

el graeco

According to the latest scientific study, because science is never settled, remember that folks, it was Europe, not Africa the birthplace of mankind. With this latest revelation, we can safely presume that the history of mankind evolution has been rewritten.

The current “dogma” which is embraced by most evolution-experts says that our human linage goes way back to the African continent. Approximately seven million years ago, we somehow managed to split from apes, apparently for no good reason, and we still remained in Africa for about five million years more before starting to get a taste of the “outside world”.

Joke aside, that pretty much sums up the theory of evolution with regard to Homo Sapiens and all that jazz. However, the latest scientific discovery just eradicated the aforementioned theory, as 2 fossils of a creature resembling an ape, boasting human teeth mind you, have been found in Greece and Bulgaria. And check this out: the fossils are 7.2 million years old.

The creature was named Graecopithecus freybergi, also known as El Graeco by the scientists, and it basically proves that our ancestors were already evolving so to speak in Europe, 200,000 years before Africa spawned its first hominid. Or at least that’s what we know so far.

This new theory was developed by an international team of researchers who now claim that their new findings re-write the beginning of mankind history and also puts the Missing Link/our last common ancestor in the Mediterranean region.

The shift towards bipedalism which turned apes into humans so to speak was due to, guess what: climate change, which transformed Eastern Europe into an open savanna (Africa basically), forcing apes to get on their hind legs  in order to find new food sources. Or at least that’s what researchers believe. Here’s what a Bulgarian researcher, Professor Nikolai Spassov respectively had to say about El Graeco:

“This study changes the ideas related to the knowledge about the time and the place of the first steps of the humankind,”

“Graecopithecus is not an ape. He is a member of the tribe of hominins and the direct ancestor of homo. The food of the Graecopithecus was related to the rather dry and hard savannah vegetation, unlike that of the recent great apes which are leaving in forests.  Therefore, like humans, he has wide molars and thick enamel.”To some extent this is a newly discovered missing link. But missing links will always exist , because evolution is infinite chain of subsequent forms. Probably  El Graeco’s face will resemble a great ape, with shorter canines.”

And here’s a picture of the early Greeks:

An artist's impression of Graecopithecus 


It’s nice to learn from the artist impression that our ancestors were happy folk, right?

 Now, according to a lead researcher of the University of Tubingen, Professor Madelaine Bohme:

“While great apes typically have two or three separate and diverging roots, the roots of Graecopithecus converge and are partially fused – a feature that is characteristic of modern humans, early humans and several pre-humans,”

The tooth of Graecopithecus


The tooth of Graecopithecus CREDIT: UNIVERSITY OF TUBINGEN

The jawbone of Graecopithecus CREDIT: UNIVERSITY OF TUBINGEN 

First man was thought to have evolved in Mesopotamia, then East Africa, then Southern Africa, now Europe. What’s next? Maybe they will find that he evolved in a Sabre Tooth Tiger dung pile on the Siberian steppes?When will scientists admit that they really have no bloody idea where man evolved?

I’ll tell you one thing though. They say modern man evolved 200,000 years ago, yet we only have recorded civilization going back 5,000 – maybe 6,000 years. Which raises the important question – to me anyway, what was modern man doing for 194,000 years? Playing dodge the Mammoth?

Until science can give me a satisfactory answer to that question, I’m not ruling out creation, which, because I believe in God, is an option still on the table. Pity the poor Atheists. Evolution is their only option. No wonder why they can’t admit they have no idea.

One more thing:

What if there was not just one birth place of mankind, but multiple beginnings?Now I can make everyone mad.Elohim (plural) said; Let US(pl)  make mankind(pl) in OUR image and in OUR likeness

Yahweh Elohim(singular), took the man HE made and placed him in a garden. What did the others do with theirs? Cain went and lived with some but they don’t say of whose they were.

So maybe there were multiples. Well the bible seems to say so. Don’t know why I didn’t see it before.