Shipping Company Clarksons Targeted and Breached by Hackers

Shipping Company Clarksons Targeted and Breached by Hackers

The company declares that corporate data has been stolen from their networks and has expressed concern that it might be leaked in the course of the day.

Clarksons recently confirmed being the victim of a large hack, granting third parties access to private information belonging to the firm. The UK-based shipping company suggested at the fact that the stolen digital information might be leaked soon. The reason for this is Clarksons’ refusal to comply with the blackmailing ransom that the hackers have issued. The company declared that the digital criminals had successfully gained access to no more than one user account through which they breached the entire computer network. This account has been discontinued, but the company is partnering with law enforcement officials to assess the breadth of the damage and the impact on users.

The company has made it clear that the individuals orchestrating the hack are likely to publish a certain amount of data today, November 30, all of which is confidential. They furtherly stated that they have legal agents at their disposal to maintain the private status of the data before it may spread.

Andie Case, Clarksons CEO, made a statement in which he discussed his company’s open collaboration with tech experts and police authorities so as to ensure higher security for their customers from now on.

The CEO expressed his company’s hope that they may be able to educate their clients in time with a view to protecting them from being victimized. He firmly stated that Clarksons refuses to be ransomed, after which he issued a formal apology.

This hack is but the most recent one in a series of many in 2017. Multiple corporate giants from various industries have also been hit in the course of this year, among which Deloitte, Equifax, Yahoo, and Uber, each with serious implications and troubling breach of data. At the time of this article, the demands of the hackers are yet to be uncovered. Their identity is also not currently available.