Smartphones Dirtier Than Toilets Study Claims

According to a scientific study, your iPhone is dirtier than Jenna Jameson’s mouth in her prime and the bad news is that your smartphone is not the only filthy thing you’re using on a daily basis.

However, the next time you’ll be using your iPhone, just consider this: the researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (this sounds pretty loony) claim that your smartphone contains fecal matter.

Yes, you got that right, fecal matter, i.e. your smartphone is dirtier than your toilet, which gets flushed after you’ve done your daily business and sometimes even disinfected if you’re a hygiene-conscious individual.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case with smartphones, i.e. they never get flushed (only accidentally) and they’re rarely disinfected. During a scientific study, one in six smartphones was found to contain fecal matter and that’s so weird and so gross on so many levels, I don’t know where to begin.

Okay, I know, I’ll never take my smartphone to the bathroom and instead I’ll stick with reading toothpaste and shampoo labels. However, it’s not that simple to clean your act (pun intended) after all, as according to the same British researchers, together with smartphones which carry 10 times the amount of bacteria compared to your toilet seat, there are many other filthy objects around you (including your remote control, another item which rarely gets cleaned).

And since 80% of infections occur from touching dirty things, well, that saying about cleanliness being close to Godliness (God is immortal) seems to be true.

So, besides your smartphone which is arguably the filthiest thing you’ll touch today, shoes are also carrying all sorts of nasty bacteria, like E.coli, again, from getting in contact with fecal matter while walking outdoors, that’s pretty straight forward. It now sounds like a good idea not to wear your shoes inside of your home, isn’t it?

The kitchen sink is another place that is filled with nasty bacteria, more than your toilet or a garbage can actually, and the kitchen sponge is even worse, being close to radioactive waste material in terms of health risks.